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Direction Statements of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Covenant Support Material by Moya Dittmeier

The Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Ex corde Ecclesiae:  John Paul II on Catholic Universities

Ex corde Ecclesiae USCCB Comment:  Catholic Higher Education – by Most Reverend Joseph A. Fiorenza at NCCB, June-2000

CARNEY:  One Congregation’s Choice for Preserving Its Charism – by Sheila Carney, RSM

FARLEY:  Wisdom, Dignity, and Justice: Education as a Work of Mercy – by Margaret Farley, RSM, PhD

MISTO:  Mercy Spirituality, the Foundation for Compassionate Service – by Sister Leona Misto, RSM, EdD

MULDOON:  The Theology of the Mercy University – by Dr. Timothy Muldoon

O’NEILL:  The Role of Higher Education in the Mission of the Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic Church – by Mary Aquin O’Neill, RSM, PhD

REGAN:  Tender Courage – by Sister M. Joanna Regan, RSM

SANDERS:  Charisms, Congregational Sponsors, and Catholic Higher Education – by Susan M. Sanders, RSM, PhD

SCOTT:  McAuley and Newman – by Dr. Maureen Scott, RSM

SULLIVAN:  Catherine McAuley and the Characteristics of Mercy Higher Education – by Mary C. Sullivan, RSM, PhD

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