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Mission Integration

The eight foundational elements for Mission Integration and institutional identity are as follows (represented clockwise on the diagram to the left):

  1. Curricular Development and Integration
  2. Hiring, Orientation, and Onboarding
  3. Ongoing Formation of Mission
  4. Space, Art, Environment, and Symbolism
  5. Inclusive Worship/Ritual and Reflection
  6. Engagement in Community and Celebrations
  7. Sponsorship, CMHE and Ecclesial Relations
  8. Catholic Social Teaching/Critical Concerns in Action

Inspiration (Institutional Mission Goals and Outcomes)

The inner circle represents the foundational elements for Mission Integration and institutional identity across institutions of the Conference for Mercy Higher Education.

    1. Catholic Identity: Supported by and expressed in Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Intellectual Tradition, and Ex Corde Ecclesiae
    2. Mercy Heritage, Charism and Mission: Supported by and expressed in the story of Catherine McAuley, the Direction Statement and Critical Concerns of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, the Institute Statement on Catholic Identity and Mercy Charism for CMHE Colleges and Universities, and the Conference Statement of Our Catholic Identity and Mercy Charism

Animation (Strategic Initiatives for Mission Integration)

The Chief Mission Officer provides executive leadership for the influence, collaboration and impact of mission activities across the eight Core Areas of Mission Integration that are reflected in the outer circles.

Reflection and Renewal (Assessment)

The animating aspects of the CMO’s ministry are informed by a regular and ongoing process of assessment and renewal with a focus on: the strategic initiatives represented in the eight core areas of mission integration, and their institutional outcomes.

The Mission Integration document reflects a comprehensive and cohesive overview of Mission Integration at colleges and universities sponsored by the Sister of Mercy of the Americas. 

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