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Union and Charity: The Story of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
By Denise Colgan, RSM and Doris Gottemoeller, RSM

Frances Warde: American Founder of the Sisters of Mercy     
By Kathleen Healy, RSM

Sisters of Mercy: Spirituality in America 1843-1900
Edited by Kathleen Healy, RSM

Like a Tree by Running Water: The Story of Mary Baptist Russell, California’s First Sister of Mercy
By Mary Katherine Doyle, RSM

First Cast on the Earth – Kindling: Being Mercy in the Twenty-First Century
By International Mercy Research Conference (9-12 November 2007)

Mercy Foundresses Around the World, Following after Catherine McAuley 
MAST Journal

Mercy International Online Library of Resources
MIA Website


> Stop and consider the resources and types of resources that the early leaders of Mercy had available to them, and not available, as regards to travel, comforts, communications, finances, health care. What wisdom, strength, courage, charity of heart, and perseverance did they embody (with grace and a bit of luck)?

> Mercy leaders today, like in higher education, are being called forth and challenged with different mountains to climb and seas to cross. From your perspective in the Mercy world, how do you name the challenges?

> From your perspective, where do you/we find the wisdom, strength, charity of heart, and perseverance (with grace and luck) to go forth with the charism and mission of Mercy in higher education?

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